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Fixtures vs.Bulbs – Costs and Benefits

There are a number of reasons to consider new LED fixtures for your business. It may be that you still haven’t moved over from traditional incandescents and/or fluorescents. But more likely, you’re making changes in the work environment—a remodel, expansion, taking on a new property, simply changing who works where in the building, etc.—and you…

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More LED Myths Debunked

Previously, we debunked some of the most common myths regarding LED lighting. We found that LEDs save money, offer all the versatility of incandescent and fluorescent lights, including the ability to go on a dimmer switch. But like many technologies, LEDs are surrounded by more than a few misconceptions. Let’s debunk a few more: Myth:…

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Myths About LED Lighting

Whenever new technologies come on the market, myth and rumor tends to gather around them. Ironically, these myths are often driven by underlying facts. Information that is completely accurate at one time continues to be passed on as fact long after it becomes obsolete. In this article, we’d like to cover just a few of…

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