Thayer Lighting Logo


Thayer Lighting Logo

Replacing your company’s outdated lighting with today’s energy-efficient systems can cut energy use in half. That’s better for the environment, not to mention your bottom line.


With help from Thayer Lighting, businesses large and small throughout northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin are making the switch to the newest, energy-efficient lighting systems.

Thayer Lighting will:

  • Audit your facility & analyze systems, rates
  • Present cost savings & assist with financing
  • Provide state-of-the-art replacement products
  • Coordinate professional installation
  • Arrange for proper disposal of old systems
How we light our workplaces also makes a big impact on how we feel and perform.

Working conditions enhanced by bright, white fixtures light the way to enhanced quality and employee morale. Eco-friendly and economical, plus increased productivity—now that’s illuminating!


Changing our lighting system was a win-win: energy efficient lights that qualified for ComEd rebates!

— Don Sell, President, Mighty Mig Welding